Ulproc - Our history - Toyota FJ45 1985 Cadet Blue


It was in the late 90s when we managed to modify the first 4x4,

replacing the suspension and accessories. This opened a new path for us, allowing us to carry out different off road trips and adapting the vehicles to our needs.

Since 2000, we have participated in different Cross Country Rally

competitions, forcing us to create our own workshop to modify our

vehicles. In 2014, we carried out our first restoration, awakening a

passion for this type of project that continues to grow day after day. We have made very high-level restorations and our projects have been quoted in the most famous auctions in the world. We are focused on growing and evolving to new levels.




We are a group of certified engineers, technicians and most of all car lovers! We all are driven and passionate about giving new life to each intervened vehicle by either restoring it to its original state or modifying it and transforming it into an ULPROC car.


We are experts in collection level cars and are constantly working to acquire new projects. We also maintain a stock of ULPROC certified vehicles for those who prefer to trust our criteria and purchase a car that has already been modified by our designers and mechanics.


We customize that classic you like, and we

make it amazing for you. We are Ulproc!

Like our clients, we dream, play and make real what comes from ingenuity and unquestionably becomes a great work of art. By giving us your project, we immediately make it part of us, a treasure that we manage from start to finish and that will be part of our legacy.

Ulproc - About us - Toyota FJ40 1981 Spring Green


Most of our customers have a lifestyle where classic cars play an important role and are recognized as pieces of art. In addition, they understand that restoring vehicles is an investment and a classic car will always increase its market value over time. Acquiring a ULPROC car represents a good long-term investment. 

So we can properly say that acquiring a Ulproc car represents

a good long-term investment.

Our clients are guaranteed to take exactly

what generates value for them.

Ulproc - Our customers - Toyota FJ40 1975 Medium Blue