At Ulproc we are dedicated to finding, restoring or modifying the car you dream of to give it a completely new soul. Our main objective is to fulfill the dream of our customers.

To do this, we like to listen to them, meet them and understand their requirements.


The sky is the limit. We make it possible

Ulproc - What we do



Can be done in body, suspension, engine, transmission and accessories, everything will depend on the taste and criteria of each customer. It can be with OEM parts or we can even set our imaginations flying and make any type of modification.

We at ULPROC have the ability to restore any make and model vehicle. We can modify the components or use parts or accessories from another (such as the engine, for example).


No matter how large or small the project we at ULPROC guarantee high standards for all of our customers and their cars. We have high quality spare parts and accessories and we put all cars through repeated tests before being delivered.

Only the right hands can deliver the results you expect, that's why at Ulproc we want to take care of restoring your classic.


A Ulproc car model needs several stages in its configuration

to achieve the excellence that our customers deserve


In this area, our experts define what we want to do and the ULPROC PROJECT is created. At this time, the vehicle color, model, engine, transmission, suspension,upholstery and overall appearance are selected.

Ulproc - Process - Design


This is the most important stage of the

ULPROC PROJECT, we make sure to

acquire a vehicle that meets the appropriate conditions and characteristics, seeking the most original state possible to achieve the highest standards for our customers.

Ulproc - Process - Selection


This is where the ULPROC dream begins to become a reality. It is the first phase of the mechanical process, in which we completely strip the car and separate each of its components. We inspect bodywork, chassis in detail, we define the parts that must

be restored, replaced, straightened or manufactured, guaranteeing

maximum quality control.

Ulproc - Process - Disarmed
Ulproc - Process - Upholstery


Is one of the most demanding elements. This department adds the visual magic that impacts each of our clients. The options are endless: leather, vinyl or fabric of the highest quality.

Also, we manufacture soft tops in the projects that are required. Our goal is to make you fall in love with the selection and quality of your new interior.


Starting with suspension and heavy mechanics, and then continuing with the body parts using galvanized or stainless steel brackets and screws, the path to the installation of electrical parts is opened and ending with new tires and glass. Once these processes are completed, the first general polishing is performed,

then th upholstery, parts, accessories and emblems of the vehicle.

Ulproc - Process - Assembly


Each ULPROC car is examined by experts who will guarantee the full operation of each of the parts and accessories of the PROJECT. Upon rigorous completion of this evaluation, the car returns to the quality control department to detail any imperfections again, leaving it in perfect condition

for delivery to its new owner.

Ulproc - Process - Testing